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As child care and early education providers, you have the powerful opportunity to inspire kids to learn habits that prevent childhood obesity and keep them healthy.  You also have the opportunity to model a healthy, active lifestyle so children grow up healthy and ready to learn.

Click on the arrows to discover the many ways to model 5-2-1 Almost None  for our young children.

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Hydrated kids stay focused and awake!Instead of sugary drinks like juice or soda, quench kids thirst with water. It keeps kids hydrated and doesn’t fill their stomachs with empty calories.


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Make room for milk but don’t overdo it.Kids only need 2-3 cups of milk a day. Water is the best choice when children are thirsty.


Wellness Wherever

Take the 5-2-1 Almost None message with you wherever you wander. Find out how you can get involved where you live, work, play, or pray.