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5-2-1 Almost None is a simple way to think about the choices we can make to live healthy.

  • carrot-circle-small5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables/day
  • tv-circle-small2 Hours or Less of Screen Time/day
  • sneaker-circle-small1 Hour of Physical Activity/day
  • soda-circle-smallAlmost None Sugared Beverages/day

5-2-1 Almost None is also a guide for helping our family, friends and neighbor live healthy. What changes can we make in the places and spaces around us to make healthy choices easier?

[5] Does my neighborhood store have fresh fruit and vegetables?
[2] Why don’t I start a walking club at work (or school)?
[1] Could my church open its gym to the community so more people can stay active?
[AN] Can my child drink water at her childcare center whenever she is thirsty?

Explore this website and discover tips for living this message for yourself and your family.  Explore how to make healthy choices easier for your family, friends and neighbors in all the places you wander — school, work, faith, community, health care, and child carePledge to be a champion of this message.  Create a 5-2-1 Almost None plan for yourself and your family.  Create a plan for your organization to be 5-2-1 Almost None friendly.

5-2-1-Almost None Champions

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Buy Haywood


“Incorporating 5-2-1 Almost None materials into the work we do in our county was a critical piece of the puzzle and helped synthesize our outreach goals into very clear, simple and easily achievable action steps.”

Buy Haywood has integrated the 5-2-1 Almost None message into multiple outreach programs including:  Cooking Local Project, Cooking Local Together, Farm Stewards Youth Project.

Madison County

Created a Health Resource Guide for teachers using 5-2-1 Almost None as a framework, building a baseline of BMI’s by assessing all K-5 students, improving trails at the middle school and high school, encouraging healthy snack policy for the elementary schools and, supporting the  It’s OK to Play campaign in the community.

Smart Start of Buncombe County

“5-2-1 Almost None is an easy way to talk about simple changes we can make and our partners can make to support healthy children and families.”

Smart Start of Buncombe County has adopted a healthy meeting policy for all in house meetings and for all people using the meeting space in their building.  Through the Shape grant, they are working with WNC child care centers to support changes in health policies, improve nutrition, active exercise trainings and improving playground spaces.

WNC Primary Care Practices

Primary care practices in WNC are asking patients to fill out a health assessment at well-child visits using 5-2-1 Almost None as a framework to identify opportunities for encouraging healthy living for children and families.

Jackson County


Healthy Eating Action Team, an Action Team of the Healthy Carolinians of Jackson County partnership


Increase to 30% the percentage of Jackson County adults who consume 5 or more ½ cup services of fruits or vegetables daily.

Individual Change Intervention

Promote 5-2-1-Almost None message to schools, workplaces, health care providers, and the community at large.

Henderson County Parks & Recreation

Integrated 5-2-1 Almost None into coaches trainings and parent resources.

“Smart Sports Snacks for parents and coaches is such a great tool for changing the way we think about half-time snacks, including what the kids drink during and after the game. 5-2-1 Almost None has been a great way to start the conversation with our coaches and parents.”

Wellness Wherever

Take the 5-2-1 Almost None message with you wherever you wander. Find out how you can get involved where you live, work, play, or pray.